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  • A Pictographic Analysis of the Situation at Hand, or, Crappy Cellphone Pictures Ahead: Viewer Beware!

A Pictographic Analysis of the Situation at Hand, or, Crappy Cellphone Pictures Ahead: Viewer Beware!

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Published on: April 24, 2007

Welcome back, boys and girls.

This = late.

Thus, I owe you many pictures. So, without further ado, a pictoral tour of my new domicile:

This is my stove. It’s a great example of the style of decor you’ll notice throughout the apartment, namely: old.

Here we have a closeup of my spice rack. Items of note are my finger, two nearly full things of Lawry’s Seasoned Salt, and blurry motion photography, indicating that this is where the action happens.

To fully appreciate this photo, it is recommended that you blast “Also Sprach Zarathustra” and imagine monkeys smashing bones.

Ramen, peanut butter, and hot cocoa: staples on which a man can live for nearly an eternity, if not longer.

This is the location from which this very blog post is being created, through a process we at C:tB like to call “Cremagication.”

The Pikey Hat rests atop my Bible near the cable that hooks my compy up to the Interwebs. Something Zen is happening in this photo, but I can’t quite determine what precisely it is.

The magic blinky lights that indicate that the internet is hooked up and pumping information, IV like, directly into my brain.

This is the trim in my living room. It cracks me up.

A wide shot of the living room. Things to note: Old looking furniture, old looking walls, and tiny, old looking windows.

Push the black thingy in the tank down after you flush.


If you took every closet I’ve ever had in my life, before this, and put them all together, they would still be smaller than this closet. It makes me feel just a little girly that this is one of my favorite features of the apartment.


I love lamp.

As you enter my apartment, you are greeted with this friendly reminder. Welcome mats are so cliche.

Tours in the blogosphere end differently than most tours: With the entrance.

That’s all.

I probably still owe you like a million posts.


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  1. the internet says:

    yay! thanks for posting; it’s nice to see what it would look like had i had my glasses on when i was there. speaking of, thanks for having us over; it was fun, as was plaza garibaldi the next day. cheers ^_^

  2. Amanda says:

    Why were you in lack of glasses?

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