Caravan #3

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Published on: August 16, 2011

Walther knew it wouldn’t do Freddie any good if he got shot up trying to help him out, but it still pained him to plow back in to the fray when he knew his friend might be hurt.

It didn’t take long for the raiders to realize that the big gun had gone silent, and now they were all after Walther. What they didn’t know was that the gun was a recent addition to Walther’s arsenal. He’d been fighting raiders with this rig for nigh unto twenty years now, and he had more than a couple tricks up his sleeve. He drove full speed toward a small chevron of raider vehicles. Just before a head on collision, Walther turned hard left and slammed on the brake. The trailer skidded out across the raiders, meeting them with the reinforced steel edge of the trailer bed. Sure, that didn’t put them down quite as hard as rapid-fire artillery, but it still put them down.

Walther leaned out the window to pick a raider off a motorcycle before gunning back towards the last two raider cars. He swerved to the left before hitting again, but these two were smart, and turned with him. No problem. A deft twist of the steering wheel let Walther put the edge of his brush guard (also reinforced steel) into the left-hand car. Another twist and he put the left-hand car in to the right-hand car. The two tumbled away from Walther’s rig, bursting in to a bright blue ball of hydrogen-fueled flame.

Walther didn’t stay to watch the fireworks. He unbuckled his belt before the rig even came to a stop and ran back to check on Freddie.

He found Freddie slumped over the big gun, a too-big pool of blood forming under him. Walther eased him to the ground, relieved to hear rasping breaths. It looked like Fred had taken a shotgun blast to the shoulder. Raiders liked to load shells with jagged metal bits, and a half dozen of them had lodged themselves in Freddie’s right arm and shoulder. Walther had a bit of field medic training, but this might be above his expertise.

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