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New and Exciting Pinnacles of Laziness

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Published on: July 7, 2006

So, since I’m too lazy to write actual posts, here’s a conversation that I had with the internet (amélie):

amélie: good even, sir
me: Lo.
amélie: and how are you on this fine day?
me: Not too bad.
me: Yourself?
amélie: rather alright
me: Excellent.
amélie: indeed
amélie: but for the fact that you have not posted *stern look in your general direction, that being assumed east*
me: Yeah, yeah.
me: Not posting is so normal for me that it’s just like posting.
amélie: true
amélie: but you taunt me with saying i’m in the background of a nonexistant picture.
amélie: and the most recent post’s title always makes me think you’re slowly killing the blog
me: Actually, the game pictured in that picture is mostly responsible for the blog’s slow death.
me: It’s not like I actually do anything worth writing about.
amélie: i used to laugh, mr. kanter
amélie: deprivation of laughter is a serious offence.
me: I’m not afraid to go back to jail.
amélie: no? that’s convenient
amélie: and then you’d have interesting blog material to post about
amélie: huzzah
me: Actually, I’m probably just going to post this conversation.
me: Thanks for writing half a blog post.
amélie: you’re quite welcome
amélie: what would you do, after all, without the internet stalking you?
me: Retire to a desert island.
amélie: well, thank goodness i exist then.
me: Indeed.
amélie: unless it was a dessert island..
me: Mmm… Dessert.
amélie: quite right
amélie: so what have you been up to lately?
me: Not much.
me: Work, sleep, work, sleep worksleep
amélie: work where?
me: At a doorknob factory.
amélie: really?
me: Yeah.
amélie: that sounds so cool
amélie: is it boring?
me: Pretty much.
amélie: i figured. that’s sad.
me: Indeed.
amélie: did the tantalizing thought of dessert distract or deter you from discussion?
me: Yeah.
amélie: sad.
amélie: i made fudge the other day
me: Mmm… fudge.
amélie: and cookies.
me: Mmm… fudge and cookies.
amélie: yeah, happy fourth indeed.
amélie: speaking of the fourth, i burnt holes in a rogue beach ball to mark the occasion.
me: Cool.
amélie: what’d you do?
me: Nada mucho.

That was easy.


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