Caravan #2

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Published on: August 9, 2011

Walther kept the gas petal all the way to the floor. Two tons of hydrogen burning engine roared as he drove the big rig toward the rest of the caravan. The other drivers were armed, but they didn’t have anything like the old minigun, and the raiders would take them apart. He had to get between the rest of the rigs and the raiders.

Some of the raiders noticed him coming and broke off the attack to engage him. Freddie popped them with the Vulcan with no trouble. “That got their attention!” Freddie whooped. The rest of the raider vehicles moved in to engage. (Though some slunk away in the back. Cowards.) Their rig took a lot of fire. It was going to be a real pain to fix all these bullet holes. Still, none of the enemy had the weapons or armor to face their old aircraft cannon. The gun chattered away, wrecking car after car. Then it fell silent. Walther was about to cheer when he noticed there were still a couple out there. Freddie would never let off when there were still targets. Something was wrong.

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