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Published on: August 3, 2011

So, last week I had this whole post fermenting in my head about artist’s frustration and how it’s really hard to produce all the time and blah blah blaaaah, and none of it was particularly interesting when I actually started to write it down, and I just drew an awesome picture, and most of the post came from just having a bad art day and no you’re a run on sentence!

Anyway, let me do some quick hits of the important points:

I had a substitute teacher for one day in 7th or 8th grade. I don’t remember what her name was, or what she looked like, but I was drawing a cool robot, and she said, “There are other things that are beautiful besides destruction.” This wrecked me as a young artist, and I don’t know why. I lost my enjoyment of drawing, and it honestly took me until a couple years ago to get over it.

I try not to regret things. I like my life, and things have worked out really great for me, but I must admit that I regret letting that lady get to me. I wonder what kind of art I could make today if I had kept drawing like I used to.

So yeah, in my original post those two paragraphs probably would have been like four hundred words, and much whinier.

But I’m not doing that. I have better things to do. For instance: Sorry this is a bit late. Also, have you noticed my new penchant for one word titles? That’s a weird phase to go through, hey?

See you Friday, Minions. Don’t forget to vote on the post before this.

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