Tuesday Option #3 – Doors

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Published on: July 13, 2011

Sorry for the late post, I’m on the road.


With a loud crash the beast shattered the door Marny had been trying to seal. He had no time to mourn the loss of his last sealing stone, because he was running as fast as his gnomish legs would carry him. (Fairly quickly, truth be told, for a gnome, at least.) Had he looked back he would have seen a strange sight (something he always loved to see) as the beast (a monstrous bipedal affair that he had just named a “Karagh” because that just sounded like a big brown biped with a sword twice as long as a gnome) tried to push its way through the door, which, being a door attached to another dimension, kept repairing itself.

No, Marny missed out on that sight because he was using his Second Sight to look for another Door. This Pocket appeared to be a large mansion, so there were lots of small d doors, but he was having trouble finding a Door to another Pocket.

There it was! A big door at the end of the hall glowed in his Sight. (Humans must have built it, they were always making Doors big grand affairs that no gnome who was valiantly running for his life could open easily.) He kept up his full tilt run, chanting a spell of opening that he let fly just before he put his shoulder into the door. The door’s lock popped loose, and the shoulder pushed it open. (And probably damaged something in the shoulder, which wouldn’t repair itself nearly so quickly or neatly as the door.)

Marny chanted the reverse spell as he pushed the door shut. A mundane lock wouldn’t hold the Karagh forever, but it would hold him long enough for him to come up with a plan. He looked around at the desert ruins that made up this Pocket. He had a couple good ideas already. (And ideas were his specialty.)

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  1. yarnpirate says:

    Gnomes! And a Dirk Pitt like gnome makes it all the more interesting (ideas upon ideas of how to get out of a new mess).

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