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Published on: June 29, 2011

The next four Wednesdays will be options for the starting story for Choose Your Tuesdays. After the fourth is done, I’ll put up a poll and let you choose. Without further ado: Trailblazer.


Gosser had never really trusted space travel. Oh, over the years he had done quite a bit of it. And, in fact, he was a pretty handy pilot, and an even better navigator. But still, he could never quite ignore the fact that a few inches of wood and some complex enchantments were all that separated him from the cold and nothingness of space. Actually, a quick glance at his navigation stone, or, he supposed, out a window, would tell him that he was flying in Frajey’s Cloud, and he would also have highly charged particles to deal with if his thin hull failed.

A solid thud echoed through the bridge of his ship. Broden’s Beard! How had they gotten in ballista range so quickly? He willed a little more power through the helm and in to his navigation stone. He was still at least a minute from the spellshift path he had charted. It was dangerous to shift in the Cloud, all the energy bouncing around loose out there played havoc with the helm at faster than light speeds. Still, another pair of thuds told him that the Coalition ship that was chasing him was too close for him to survive to the safe zone. He did have that used spell cannon he had bought on Bohren, but he had never test fired the thing, the ammo was too expensive. If it worked, though, it would scare the Greenbacks in the very least, and burn a hole clean through their hull at the best. If it didn’t work, though, he would have just attacked a better armed and armored ship head on. So it was a dangerous shift, or a potential suicide run? How come he never had good options?

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  1. Luke says:

    I have no clue what you have planned for the rest of your options, but I love this. It almost reads like a cross between Warcraft and Starcraft in my mind. Heck, I’d continue reading a novel in this setting! Did you base it on anything? It reminds me vaguely of Starjammer, but I know very little about that system.

  2. Haasch says:

    I was going to say “This feels like our old spelljammer campaign.” Good times. Can’t wait for next week’s post.

    • rromagar says:

      This is in the same campaign setting as a D&D game I ran for a long time in college. A lot of the readers here participated in it. The setting was loosely based on Spelljammer, but I modified it heavily. Honestly, the only thing that really stuck was boats flying in space.

  3. yarnpirate says:

    “By Broden’s beard!” That line cracked me up. So, this has to be after the last chunk of that campaign was played. Interesting.

  4. TeddyG4 says:

    Swearing by my name is interesting.

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