Music Monday #17 – Take On Me

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Published on: April 25, 2011

Sorry for the lateness on this one. It turns out that I’m bad at figuring out time and didn’t queue up a post for today before I left for the weekend. So now you get two songs! Well, sort of.

Up first we have Reel Big Fish covering A-ha’s hit “Take On Me.” There’s not much to say about this one, really. I’ve told you all before how much I love ska covers, and this is one of the greats of the ska cover world.

Yous second-ish song takes a little set up. If you haven’t seen the semi-legendary video for A-ha’s original version of “Take On Me,” you should watch it here. Then, watch this:

So, that’s special.

Sorry again for the late post, I’ll see you Wednesday.

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