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Published on: April 20, 2011

I’ve never been the sort of person to do the same thing for a long time. After a while of being in the same place and doing  the same things I tend to get… restless. This tendency of mine is starting to come through in the blog. Back in January and February this was all fresh and new and fun, and I was hitting my stride, and things were awesome, but now I’ve done a whole bunch of these for weeks and weeks and I want a break. The problem is that I’m definitely not letting myself do that, because the whole point of this thing is to make myself be creative within these defined parameters whether I want to or not.

Good job, past me. I could be playing Portal 2 right now, but instead I have to write this blog post. It’s probably good that I haven’t quite gotten the kinks out of time travel yet, because I would be spending a lot of time kicking the butts of earlier versions of me. Those guys are all jerks.

In any case, when I started writing this post I could have sworn to you that I had writer’s block and had absolutely nothing to write about. It was twenty minutes before the post was supposed to publish and I had nothing. Clearly this whole experiment was a failure, and it was time to quit. So I did the thing that I keep reading and hearing that you need to do in these sorts of situations. I just started writing anyways. Is it my best post? Probably not. But it’s not my worst either.

You get a pass for now, past me, but I’m watching you. Always watching.

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