An Embarassment of Liches

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Published on: April 13, 2011

So, for the first time in my life (a life that has been chock full of this sort of stuff already) I am currently involved in four different active pen and paper role playing games. Admittedly, one is just the thing we play when the people for two of the other ones aren’t all available, but still. All this is made possible by the magic of Skype. It’s an interesting challenge to run or play these very social experiences with people that you can only hear.

In any case, I’m playing a paladin in one of these games. I make a really bad paladin, you guys. Upholding justice and goodness is very foreign to my standard RPG approach. My average character’s psychological profile would read a lot less like fantasy Superman, and a lot more like a con man who also has the ability to spontaneously light a room on fire. This has led me to a character approach I like to call, “lawful good and cranky about it.”

What types of characters do you usually play? Do you stick to this type, and if not, what’s your strategy to play against it? See you below.

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  1. bross says:

    I personally feel like I haven’t gotten to actually play enough to really find the character type I like to play. I have really only ever been a player in 3 campaigns.

    That being said, I really enjoy challenging myself when roleplaying. I’m pretty terrible at it, but I like to try and play a character that I think will be a challenge to play. For me, that’s just part of the fun of roleplaying.

  2. TeddyG4 says:

    I’ve played in many campaigns over the last 11 years, but somehow all of my characters can be filed under three catagories: Brute Force, Sneaky Theivy, or Talk Softly but Carry a Big Lance.

    Some times I like to play the massive fighter who brandishes the biggest weapons known to the roleplaying universe. These generally come in the form of monster races such as Minotaurs and Ogres. The last notable being a gargantuan Ogre brandishing a colosal battle ax and spiked steal shield who liked to jump on and crush people.

    Occasionally I like to play someone very much unlike myself so I play a small sneaky Rogue. It’s just nice playing someone who can run, jump, tumble, and pull there own body weight up a rope. Then when you make them a sniper the fun can really start.

    Now my favorite character to play is a mounted charger who will try to talk his way out of most situations or forgoing that has tactical sense and a crew of loyal adventurers who are willing to form a plan. The most notable of these was Skulder Broden Emperor of the Galactic Wolfhiemian Empire. Taking a character from level 4 through 30 can leave some indelible marks.

    In the end, I like it when I’m in command, moble, and deal an incredible amount of damage.

  3. Haasch says:

    Oh man Ted. Skulder was awesome.
    Ben, you know me. I’m generally the exact opposite of your style. I’ve played several paladins, one a reoccuring character. Lewyn, he was sweet. Using sword and board both as weapons.
    But my all time favorite character was Rashim, my sorc. He wasn’t even that good as a sorc because, just for fun, I gave him some levels as some psychic fire lash thingie. I enjoyed playing him because of the stories that came from him. He wanted to be CE, but to fulfill the grand scheme of the whole campaign he had to remain at least CN. Several times he botched that. Several times he tried to get some people on his party killed. Then there were his personal side adventures. His own stories aside from the main plot. Those were fun. Really, thats what made him shine.
    I enjoyed my space pirate a lot, but he was a blundering idiot who somehow managed to save the universe only becuase he was with the right crowd. Overall, I’d play Rashim again anyday and this time, really make him the crazy burny evil sorc he was meant to be.

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