Music Monday #12 – Raise Your Voice

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Published on: March 21, 2011

This video is kind of weird, just fyi.

So I mentioned a couple Wednesdays ago that I will often like the entirety of something because I really like one small part of it. I really strong example of this phenomenon is today’s song. This particular video is actually a re-recording of Bad Religion’s original done with German punk artist Campino, and this is due to the fact that I had trouble finding a version of this song that kept the part I liked more or less intact. And that part? The ending. This song kind of doesn’t have a lot going for it for most of the song. It has lots of anthemic Fa-fa’ing, and a pair of fair to middling verses with a vaguely anti-establishment message, but then the second verse ends and the long-building ending starts, climaxing in the a capella finale. It’s a powerful effect, and one that makes me overlook the rest of the song’s flaws. It’s a fun tune, and a good start to another week.

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  1. TeddyG4 says:

    Brute Force and Ignorance are our watch words and this is our victory dance! This song goes out to the crew of the good ship Remora: Garoon, Phineas, Tin, Stella, Skulder and the fine men of the First Wolfheimian Fleet.

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