V For Valendetta

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Published on: February 16, 2011

Monday was Valentine’s day. My wife and I don’t celebrate the holiday, but we do sometimes make fun of it.

I don’t know if you’ve seen this Jane Seymour jewelry collection, but it’s not great. Basically, it’s two hearts stuck together at the pointy end. If you’re still having trouble picturing it, maybe my wife’s nickname for it will give you a better mental image. She calls it the “Boobbutt necklace.” It’s an evocative mental image, you must admit.

On Valentine’s day, notable vlogger John Green (of Vlogbrothers fame, it’s great stuff, you should watch it, their channel is here) posted a video in which he pictured one of the above necklaces, and remarks that his wife refers to it as “Boobs ‘n Butt,” a remarkably similar nickname to the one my wife gives it. So, I showed my wife the video, and she loved it. It made her day. She said it was the best Valentine’s day present she’d ever received.

I got the love of my life a video of someone making fun of a necklace that she also makes fun of in the same way for Valentine’s Day. Top that.

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