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Greasy Haired EQ2 Geek Ramble

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Published on: November 16, 2004
Ok, I figured while the EQ2 servers are down for ten minutes for maintenence and an update, I’d blog the past week.


Seriously, folks, I’ve been playing almost nonstop for a week, and I can’t say enough. It’s a great game. There’s nothing so amusing as getting together with a bunch of people, (real, live people(Ok, maybe the digital avatars created by real, live people, but real, live people are controlling them nonetheless) and beating a bunch of orcs senseless. An dmaybe you didn’t know these people before, or maybe you did, but, in any case, you hang out with them while resting up to kill the next mob of orcs, and you generally have a rolicking good time. Me loves it so much me grammers can’t not never keep me up.

In other, vaguely grammar related news, MLC sent me my class schedule today. 18.50 credits! Whoo! Why, if credits were dollars, that would be nearly half as much as what I paid for Everquest 2! Man, I love EQ2. Now that I have it, I can give up my long, fruitless search for a woman who will love me for who I am, or maybe just go on a second date with me.

But, yeah, despite the 18.5 credit thing, and how much it’s going to cut into my EQ2 time (Sweet, sweet game of my heart) I’m really looking forward to January, when I can take my computer and two changes of clothes, and go live at MLC. Seriously.

Yeah, I love telling people about this MLC thing. (Though, I don’t love it nearly as much as I love EQ2. I mean, how could I?) It’s great, because nobody sees it coming, and nobody actually believes me. It’s wonderful. (Almost, but not nearly as wonderful as earlier today when I got the orc spine that completed my orc mastery quest, not only giving me untold powers over those foul beasts, but also enough XP to catapult me into level 14. It was a truly glorious time for Tameth, Kerra Predator.)

I must go now. The Server of EQ2, that very siren which lures my soul and tugs my oh, so longing heartstrings, shall soon be back up, and I shall play once more, and orcs by the hundreds and thousands, and hundreds of thousands shall fall by my blade. Verily, it shall be so!


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