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Sweet, Sweet Bandwidth!!!

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Published on: November 6, 2004
I have this wireless internet service that hasn’t been all that good. It inexplicably stops working, and I don’t get very high bandwidth totals. (For high speed. I’m kicking dialup’s rear end six ways from sunday. Maybe even seven.) However, the last two days it didn’t work at all. That was when I realized how much I like it. When I had to wait until 10 PM at night to read the latest Order of the Stick (on the dialup and on my parent’s computer) that was sheer agony. Turns out the problem was a faulty transmitter interfering with the good transmitter, killing the internet dead. But now, they pulled the plug on that, and I have all the bandwidth I can lap up. I’ll never defame you again, my precious data stream.

In other news, after much waiting, I finally got a copy of Neverwinter Nights Platinum Edition. I purchased it a month ago or so on rain check at my local ShopKo, and they just stocked it today. However, between the original sale price, mislabeling, and the discount they gave me for my (excruciatingly) long wait, I got the thing for 20 bucks. Not a bad deal, all in all.

I played it for three hours today, and I managed to get myself a sweet Sorceror/Dragon Disciple, who dual wields katanas. (I found these sweet guantlets that grant nice dual wield abilities.)

However, my NWN time is limited, as there are only THREE DAYS UNTIL EQII!!!!!!!!!!

I’m going to see a play at WLC tonight.

More stuff that may be funny, but will probably also be dull, tomorrow. (Or something.)

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