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Pizza rolls bad! Pizza rolls burn!

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Published on: November 2, 2004
I just microwaved some pizza rolls for lunch. Those suckers spent 60 seconds being bombarded by electromagnetic rays, and then having their water molecules vibrate rapidly, producing heat. So, of course, the second they came out of the microwave, I put a whole one in my mouth.

I can’t feel my tongue.

Normally I make fun of other stupid people. Today, I have made fun of myself. (I’m such an idiot.)

In other news, I sent my MLC application off about an hour ago, so I’ve offically started the process of becoming a teacher. (Whoo!) In case it wasn’t clear in my last post, (Which, I’ve deduced from what people have said to me, it wasn’t.) I’m transferring up (out?) there at semester, which means I get a grad total of like 10 days of Christmas break. (Bummer.)

I’d like to thank everyone who took two seconds out of their lives top say, “You’d be a great teacher, Kanter.” I think I will be, but I was pleasantly surprised by the number of people who agreed with me enough to actually state the fact to me.

Six days to EQII!

I’m trying to start a blogger link exchange with anyone I know who blogs. You can see that I have linked three blogs over in that link section, there. I’m trying to convince these people to link me in return, that we may all join together in linking harmony. Also, I’ve added a counter at the bottom of the page so I can see how many people don’t read this blog.

Cower in fear, mortals, for someday I may impart my vision for the world on your children.

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