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Of the Undead

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Published on: June 15, 2010

In addition to working on my comic, I’m currently involved in the production of a role-playing game called “What’s Your Zombie Plan?”. WYZP was originally conceived as a quick game to play for my friend’s bachelor party, but it’s been so much fun to create, and so successful with the people who’ve played it that Ted (my friend and fellow developer) and I are continuing to develop the game, and thinking about marketing it.
So yeah, if you want to see beta rules and maybe try out the game, you can join in the conversation over at http://zombieplan.proboards.com.

New Stuff!

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Published on: June 4, 2010

So I had a coupon code, so now I own www.benkanter.com. It points here for now. Also, I put a little Twitter dealy in the side dealy, so dealy bonus time.

For some reason “dealy” was not, until now, in Firefox’s spell check dictionary. For shame.

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