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Let's talk.

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Published on: February 19, 2007

Okay, so I’m hyper-late now.

But, it’s not my fault.

You see, there was a log-in issue with Blogger that was being super annoying, and I e-mailed the Google guys, and they got back to me with a workaround, so here is a post full of this run-on sentence.

So, while this post is late, it is, as stated above, not my fault. Therefore, I’m going to insert the two missing posts below this one, and give you some random photos, but not of me.

Sound good?


EDIT: Posts in place. (One is below Rae’s, as they’re posted on the dates they were supposed to go up.) Pictures to come.

Pikey Hat: A Retrospective

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Published on: February 17, 2007

So, I have this hat, which I refer to as my Pikey Hat. This is the story of this hat.

Born at the Henschel Hat Manufacturing company in St. Louis, Missouri, the hat soon moved to San Francisco, where it spent some time at a weird specialty hat store on Pier 39. It was there that I first met the pikey hat.

Though I liked the cut of its jib, I didn’t immediately buy the hat, because it’s price was a bit rich for my blood. However, as I walked out of the store, I realized that a hat that cool that actually fit on my head was too rare a find to just walk out on, so I purchased it.

The pikey hat and I went on to have many adventures together. It was with me for the rest of that trip to California, and a number of later band trips as well, seeing many of the sights.

It came with me when I went to visit Iowa State University, in hopes of attending that college. When I accidently left it in a Chinese Buffet, it waited patiently for my return two days later. The woman at the desk recognized me, and immediately gave me my hat back. I had always had a suspicion, but it was then that I realized that what I had was a lucky hat.

Now, the hat doesn’t cause me luck, (though I did wear it on some early (and more recent) dates with my lady friend) the hat itself is lucky. The incident in Iowa is only one of many times that hat has been lost, but it’s always found its way back. When it was getting dirty, it was also the perfect hat for my role in Screwtape, and managed to get itself dry cleaned as a result of me getting stage makeup in it.

The hat now plays a quiet role in my day-to-day existence. It gets worn as head protection when the weather is cold, but the occasion calls for something a little dressier than my Mountain Dew beanie. During the warmer months, it also serves to make me look cool. (No mean feat.) And, on occasion, it covers up the LED’s on my mouse so I can sleep in the tiny room I live in without having to turn the compy off.

This is all probably interesting to no one but me.

I think the hat would like it that way.

Gratzorgravy! (A World of Warcraft Adventure)

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Published on: February 9, 2007

Kluber, The Grease, Paladin of the Silver Hand sniffed the wind, and immediately regretted it. The fetid stink of the Living Dead filled the air. He spied one of the foul abominations over the next rise. Calling upon the holy energies that coursed through him, he rushed into battle, easily smiting his foe.

Seeing a potential vulnerability, another of the damned rushed at his back. He crushed this one with the same ease as the first. “Lolz!” he proclaimed, /spitting on the corpse.

All of the sudden, a rush of golden light and a peculiar “BWOOHM!” sound came about Kluber. He knew this sensation! “Ding!” he shouted in exultation, “Zomg! Teh 60!”

“Gratz!” was the resounding reply from the heavens.

Kluber was rejoicing that he had reached the pinnacle of Paladinhood when another voice from the heavens, one of these “guildies” said, “Dude, now get to 70.”

So overcome was Kluber that he fell to his knees and screamed to the sky, “HAX!!!!”

After a moment of grief, Kluber arose and shouldered his hammer.

There were things that yet needed to be killed.

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