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Sundae Sunday: Sunday

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Published on: January 16, 2005
For you Pinky and the Brain fans (See: people after my own heart) out there, I give you this. Do with it what you will.

The phrase that will make you look and sound more like a loser than anything else I’ve come up with in my entire lifetime: “I’m SO blogging this.”

I forgot what it was, too.

I’m sad now.

Ice cream is good.

EDIT: Linked Be Like the sqURL, by my BEST FRIEND Kaleb, and also added a link to the BEST WEB BROWSER EVER

Today I'm Feeling: Inadequate

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Published on: January 12, 2005
So, I have this day calendar that’s all miniature paper airplanes. It’s pretty cool, though generally all that happens to them is getting thrown at my roomate a couple times, then just laying wherever they last landed, much like my food supply. (Which is another story entirely.) So yeah, tiny paper airplanes. (Black Ninja Squirrel knows where you sleep.) Umm… I had a point about the whole paper airplane thing, but now I forgot. That’s kind of annoying.

So, anyway, I realized today that I essentially lived the last week of my life in an area roughly the size of a city block. Somehow, this doesn’t bother me. Meh.

Oh yeah! So this day calendar. Yeah. The thing is currently two days behind, cause I’m too lazy to reach over and break the crappy adhesive bond that attaches the paper to the calendar so that it can actually say the right day. I mean, it takes two seconds and I can’t even do it more than once every three or four days. I am sooooooo cool. (Black Ninja Squirrel, on the other hand, knows where you sleep.) So, yeah. RAWK OUT!

So, have you ever been in one of those situations where this person does something and you feel someway about it and you want to take some action and maybe you do or maybe you don’t do it, and then something happens, or not and the other person does something else, or maybe the same thing again, or maybe does nothing, or maybe says something about something in a manner that may or may not indicate that they feel some sort of way about a subject that’s possibly related to the matter at hand, or maybe something else.

I totally feel someway about that.

Cheese crackers rule the world. (Black Ninja Squirrel knows where you sleep.)

The Frozen Lands of Nadisota

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Published on: January 4, 2005
So, I’m here at MLC. As the French say, “Voila!” At least I think that’s what they say. I don’t know French and I don’t listen when the French speak. But it’s cool to make fun of France, and I’m nothing if not cool. I am deeply sarcastic.

So yeah, in classic me fashion, my first full day at MLC involved me getting the wrong time for my orientation meeting and missing pretty much all of it. Meh. I got back in time to get free food, so that’s cool. My schedule may kill me, I’m not sure yet. I do know that I’m sitting on 19 credits, so, yeah.

I’ve met approximately everyone in the last couple of days, and my already limited capacity to remember names is severely overwhelmed by the whole thing. We did a getting to know your classmates thing in my speech class today. When it came time to name off everyone, I remembered the names of approximately four people.

In other news, we were forced to eat Robin’s minstrels.

And there was much rejoicing.

EDIT: Linked Reality’s Remnant. I don’t agree with some of the stuff he says, but it sure sounds cool when he says it, the silly Helenvillian.

Resolutely Yours

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Published on: January 1, 2005
Happy Freaking New Year, you tossers!
In case any of you out there who don’t read this want to know my New Year’s Resolution, I didn’t make one, in accordance with the now famous Millenium New Year’s Resolution. (Ok, it was 2000. Not the real millenium, but still.) This resolution was, of course, to never again make a New Year’s Resolution. I had tried this the previous year, but I made the mistake of resolving to never make a New Year’s Resolution, resulting in a Resolution that broke itself. (Which is the shortest possible time one can take to break a New Year’s Resolution. This is quite an accomplishment in and of itself, I must say.) But now, I have the Millenium Resolution in place, so I’m all set. New Year’s Revolutions are still legal, so, up the revolution!

In other news, I’m writing this one from my uncle’s house in northern Wisconsin. I’ll be here until Sunday, when I move into MLC. I’d give out my contact information, but you guys know that if I’m available to talk to you I’ll be in front of this computer anyway.

I’m looking forward to getting to MLC, but not to getting back into the grind of classes. (Uggh.) Meh. I have a 12 pack of Ramen, a hotpot, and weekly D&D to hold me through. Also, as I no longer work at the job that was keeping me from facial hair, I have begun the growing of a beard. (Note: Stage 1 of succesful beard growing involves not shaving for a few days, so I look pretty darn scruffy right now.)

I got a ductape watch for Christmas. It’s awesome. I also got Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles boxers. Both of these were gifts from my mom. Kind of weird. But cool. Reminds me of someone I know….

Who am I thinking of…

Oh yeah, Samuel L. Jackson.
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