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I Broked The Website, But I Made You A New One

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Published on: December 10, 2012

Blog people, hear me! You aren’t here anymore, and I respect that. Basically I decided to get this thing going again, went to update WordPress, broke WordPress, went to fix WordPress, did that wrong and lost seven weeks of content.

You guys, this was not my finest hour.

I’m pretty sad that I lost those Choose Your Tuesdays. For some reason I didn’t have a backup of any of that. Pictures and music are just kind of whatever, the Internets are full of that stuff.

In any case, I’m back now. I think in honor of the fallen posts I’m going to kill the old category system. If I want to talk about music or post funny pictures I’m just going to do that.

Whatever Wednesdays are still a thing to the extent that they were ever a thing.

I don’t know what else I’m going to do yet. I need to do work and put it somewhere, so you’ll probably get some of that.

Hi, Internet. I missed you.

A New Year, A Nuclear Whale

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Published on: December 31, 2010

It’s New Years Eve, Ben Hub readers (reader?). The earth has made another trip around the sun, and I’ve made another six blog posts. A post every two months is… low, to say the least. So what am I going to do about this? I’ve refocused my posting efforts in the past, to little effect. I’ve thought about closing the blog, but then what would I do with benkanter.com?

So, another attempt at committing to posting. It will be a little different this time, and hopefully it will stick. Some of you may know that I am working on launching a couple of creative endeavors, and over these months I’ve found that creating is an incredibly difficult thing to do on a schedule, but it is possible. There are a couple secrets to it, I’m finding The first trick, like with everything else, is practice. The second is to set things up so that when you are feeling creative you can ride that wave as far in advance as possible. Trying to post “frequently” is no good. Given a loose schedule I will produce nearly no content, and when I do produce, I only output one post. So, with that in mind, here’s how this is going to work:

Starting Monday, January 3 the blog will update a minimum of three days a week. The main updates will be Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Mondays will be Music Mondays. There will be a brief post about a song or artist I like, and why I like it/them. Wednesdays will be Whatever Wednesdays, and will contain the semi-ranty fair you’re used to. Fridays will be Photo Phridays, and will pretty much just be a picture and a quick caption. These could be pictures I’ve taken, things I’ve drawn, or even just funny pictures I’ve found.

Hopefully with a firm update schedule and the ability to set posts up ahead of time I should be able to stick to this schedule. I would really love to be producing something public and letting other people see some of this stuff that comes pouring out of my head. If you have any questions, comments, or topic ideas, feel free to put them in the comments below, or e-mail them to rromagar (at) gmail (dot) com.

Have a great New Year, and see you on the 3rd.

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